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Updated: Aug 12, 2022

If you’ve read any of my blogs, you know I am regularly confessing to things I do and don’t like.

I confess I believe improving donor relations is the #1 thing you can do to grow your fundraising program.

I confess I believe in standing by my personal values above all else.

I confess I believe nonprofits spend too much time getting in their own way and to their detriment.

Now I have another confession.

Are you ready?

I confess I HATE promoting and marketing my business.


It’s weird, I know, because my background is in marketing communications and public relations. And I can promote and market the ever-livin’ HECK out of other organizations.

Now here’s the WHY.

First, I HATE pushy sales tactics. I hate the daily emails – sometime 3 or 4 times a day! – and the relentless texts, posts, and slipping into my DMs. And because I don’t like them, I assume no one likes them so I want to avoid being the pushy sales person.

Shining the spotlight on myself also feels uncomfortable because many of us, especially women, are taught to not “toot our own horn.” From a young age, we’re told humility is “good” and bragging is “bad.”

I also suffer, like many, with varying degrees of “imposter syndrome,” or feeling like I’m not “good enough” and questioning myself and my work.

Realistically, I know all of these thoughts are not true. There’s no harm in patting yourself on the back a little. I also believe the saying that if you are humble enough to believe you are an imposter then you most definitely are not.

I also know the results my clients have had over the past two years speak for themselves (excuse me, a little humble bragging here):

  • Every campaign I’ve led for a client has met AND exceeded its goal, from 16% to 236%.

  • All combined, I’ve helped clients raise more than $5 million dollars in the past two years.

  • I have more than a dozen positive recommendations on my LinkedIn profile for my work over the last two years.

And while I am incredibly proud of my results and recommendations, I suppose the things I value the most about my work are things you cannot quantify. Allow me to be vulnerable for a moment and explain.

I have been a nonprofit leader. I know the struggles first-hand and very well. I know time, money, and people are usually spread thin. To that end, I believe my work should make my clients' lives easier, not harder.

I take pride in offering very customized service to my clients. I try to listen and understand their pain points. I try to meet them where they are and offer realistic solutions that generate the best outcomes with the least amount of resources used.

I treat my clients like my friends. I hold them accountable, but I also hold their hand. I will push them, but I refuse to let them fail. I may annoy the heck out of them sometimes, but I always have their best interests at heart.

I also am passionate about helping as many nonprofits as possible make as big of an impact as possible with their mission.

But still, I cringe a little at promoting my business, which is really self-promotion since my business is me.

And that’s a conundrum because in three short weeks, I am offering a course on how to have your most successful year-end campaign ever and I am having a horrible time getting out of my own way to promote it.

I am offering the course because I understand not everyone can afford to work with a consultant, but a live course allows you access without one-on-one costs. The course cost ($799 for six weeks of live-with-me classes and materials) is a very small fraction of what I would charge a client (like 1/15 of the cost).

A course also allows me to help as many organizations as possible. There’s no way I could have 20 or 30 year-end one-on-one clients, but I can easily help 20 to 30 course participants have an awesome year-end by teaching them the same step-by-step strategy I provide one-on-one clients.

So I need your help – if you were considering signing up for my course, what would make YOU feel comfortable opening up your wallet? Do you want to know more about past results? Do you want to feel a connection with me? Do you need bonuses and freebies?

I truly and honestly would appreciate your feedback if you are a nonprofit director who would consider signing up for my course. Please feel free to comment or email me at with your answers and insights.

If you wish to know more about my 2022 year-end course, you can learn more HERE. While I cannot promise you’ll exceed your goal by 236%, I can promise if you commit to putting in a little extra work, you will walk away at the end of September with a complete year-end plan ready to provide your organization’s best year-end results ever.

And I’ll hold your hand all the way while pushing you to your goal! :)

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