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Are you ready to consistently exceed your fundraising goals? Create messaging that attracts and excites supporters? Develop a program that makes your donors feel like family? Grow to the next level through sustainable solutions and real results?

I can help.


Whether you're a one-person development team, a lone ED trying to do it all by yourself, or a bigger org that simply needs some fresh direction, reach out and let's talk! Schedule a FREE 30 MINUTE initial call to talk about your needs below!

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"If you're looking for ideas for fundraising for an animal shelter or other small nonprofit, Julie has you covered. She's experienced in all aspects of annual fundraising and has a wealth of knowledge to share with you, from growing a donor base to creating a wildly successful signature event."

Sandy Rees
Nonprofit Fundraising Coach



If you're not quite ready for a discovery call,

or have other questions, please shoot me a message

to my inbox (below) and I'll be in touch soon!

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